Alumni For Climate Solutions in Maryland

Reference Library.

MIT Alumni for Climate Solutions, a non-partisan group of scientists, academics, doctors, business people and engineers, is alarmed by the threat climate change poses. We have compiled and use this collection of resources, references on climate change, and information on clean energy generation.

Volunteers can add references to the datebase after they register. The "Main Catgory" for most of these references are almost always set to one of the following values:
      Advocacy, Buildings and cities, Carbon price legislation, Carbon sequestration, Electric grid and storage, Global Warming,
      Nuclear energy, Organizations, Renewable energy, Roadmap, and Transportation.

On the "Search form" check the "Has Category" check box to restrict the search to references which have a "Main Category".

Other references are added daily (when the systems administrator is in town) based on emails from Carbon Brief, Climate Nexus, and Climate Crocks.

The database contains over 75,000 reference for articles with dates starting in 2005.