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ABC   (0/15)Independent IE   (2/3)Rollcall   (0/8)
ADN   (0/0)Indiatimes   (4/8)Rolling Stone   (0/19)
AL Com   (0/5)Inews   (7/16)Royal Society Publishing   (0/2)
Aljazeera   (0/22)Inside Climate News   (2/197*)RT   (1/14)
American Geophysical Union   (79/1025*)Insider   (0/20)Sacbee   (0/7)
Ametsoc   (0/14)IOP Science   (0/45)Sandiego Union Tribune   (0/4)
AP News   (1/628)Irish Times   (0/7)Science Direct   (2/32)
Apple News   (0/8)ITV   (0/8)Science Magazine   (1/45)
Arstechnica   (0/11)Jsonline   (0/1)Sciencedaily   (3/11)
Associated Press   (0/5)Kentucky   (0/13)Scientific American   (15/150)
Axios   (3/330)Kinja Static   (0/22)Scientific American - Climate   (7/66*)
Baltimore Sun   (0/4)Knoxnews   (0/5)SCMP   (0/10)
BBC   (61/2438*)Lasvegas Sun   (0/6)Scotsman   (0/19)
Bizjournals   (0/1)Legal Planet   (27/50*)Seattle Times   (1/4)
Bloomberg   (2/257)Los Angeles Times   (4/100)SF Chronicle   (0/30)
Bloomberg Environment   (0/22)Madison   (0/3)Sfgate   (0/3)
BNEF   (0/3)Market Watch   (1/18)Sightline   (5/29*)
Boston Globe   (1/30)Marketplace   (0/4)Skeptical Science   (24/269*)
Business Green   (7/227)Mashable   (0/2)SKY   (0/31)
BusinesS-Standard   (0/2)Mediamatters   (0/6)Slate   (0/9)
Buzzfeed   (0/3)Medium   (0/5*)Springer   (0/32)
Buzzfeed News   (1/33)Mercury News   (0/8)Standard   (2/51)
Carbon Brief   (197/1057*)Metro   (1/12)Startribune   (0/7)
Carbon Pulse   (0/0)Miami Herald   (0/11)Statesman   (0/4)
Casper Star Tribune   (0/43)MIC   (1/3)SuN-Sentinel   (1/6)
CBC   (2/27)Mirror   (5/25)Suntimes   (0/6)
CBS Local   (0/4)MIT   (29/433)Sustainable Brands   (28/83*)
Cbsnews   (0/54)MIT - Carbon   (0/30*)Sydney Morning Herald   (1/10)
Chicago Tribune   (0/8)MIT - Climate   (0/21*)Tampabay   (0/15)
Cityam   (2/13)MIT - Community   (3/9*)Tandfonline   (0/10)
Citylab   (0/18)MIT - Economics   (0/4*)Technology Review - Climate Change   (4/64*)
Civileats   (0/7)MIT - Emissions   (0/8*)Telegraph   (328/591)
Cleantechnica   (0/12*)MIT - Energy   (1/12*)The Atlantic   (0/42*)
Cleveland   (1/2)MIT - Evironment   (2/9*)The Conversation   (3/111)
Climate Central   (0/122*)MIT - Greenhouse Gases   (0/14*)The Correspondent   (2/27)
Climate Change News   (44/508)MIT - JPSP   (0/8*)The Globe and Mail   (0/1)
Climate Change News - Comment   (6/31*)MIT - Media Lab   (1/7*)The Hill   (0/670*)
Climate Change News - Energy   (3/38*)MIT - Natural Disasters   (0/5*)The Hindu   (0/6)
Climate Change News - Finance   (1/35*)MIT - Policy   (1/7*)The Intercept   (0/16)
Climate Change News - Land   (4/38*)MIT - Pollution   (1/17*)The Nation   (0/15)
Climate Change News - Politics   (14/91*)MIT - Poverty   (0/3*)The Star   (2/5)
Climate Change News - Science   (7/40*)MIT - Research   (14/16*)The Sun   (3/16)
Climate Change News - Technology   (4/28*)MIT - Tansportation   (0/18*)The Times (UK)   (5/217)
Climate Crocks   (33/632*)MIT - Weather   (3/14*)ThE-Cryosphere   (0/1)
Climate Nexus   (0/33*)MIT -Climatechange   (2/28*)Theweek   (0/4)
CNBC   (0/64)Mongabay   (1/8)Think Progress   (0/80*)
CNN   (0/77)Morning Consult   (0/1)Thomson Reuters Foundation   (0/150)
Colorado Springs Gazette   (0/22)Mother Jones   (0/49*)Time Magazine   (0/58)
Columbia Law   (0/0*)MPR News   (0/11)Today Hoime   (0/62)
CPR   (0/6)Msnbc   (0/13)Truthout   (0/16)
CS Monitor   (0/4)My San Antonio   (0/6)Union of Concerned Scientists   (22/432)
Curbed   (0/7)National Geographic (com)   (0/27*)Union of Concerned Scientists - Biofuel   (3/38*)
Daily Beast   (0/11)National Geographic (org)   (0/3)Union of Concerned Scientists - Energy   (1/72*)
Daily Mail (UK)   (1/31)National Public Radio   (0/131*)Union of Concerned Scientists - Food and Agriculture   (2/23*)
Dailykos   (0/29)Nature   (1/104)Union of Concerned Scientists - Global Warming   (3/49*)
Dailynews   (0/5)Nature Climate Change   (12/193*)Union of Concerned Scientists - Nuclear Power   (0/1*)
Dallas News   (0/4)NBC News   (0/48)Union of Concerned Scientists - Nuclear Weapons   (0/1*)
Dcourier   (0/4)New Scientist   (1/32*)Union of Concerned Scientists - Science and Democracy   (6/71*)
Denver Post   (0/6)New York Magazine   (0/12)Union of Concerned Scientists - Science Communication   (1/4*)
Desertsun   (0/1)New York Post   (0/22)Union of Concerned Scientists - Scientific Integrity   (3/15*)
DeSmogBlog   (27/390*)New York Times   (53/1115)Union of Concerned Scientists - Tropical Forests   (0/2*)
Detroit News   (0/4)New York Times - Climate Forward   (28/28*)Union of Concerned Scientists - Vehicles   (3/33*)
Drilled News   (5/16*)New York Times - Climate Section   (22/204*)Union of Concerned Scientists - Water   (0/1*)
DW   (0/23)New Yorker   (2/41*)UPI   (2/10)
E&E News   (1/107*)Newrepublic   (0/28)Usnews   (0/9)
Earth-Science Reviews   (2/4*)NEWS   (1/6)Utilitydive   (0/7)
ECIU   (1/3)Newsweek   (0/51)Vanityfair   (0/9)
Economist   (29/300*)Nexus Media News   (0/25)VICE   (0/22)
Ecowatch   (2/6*)NJ   (0/7)VOX   (147/666)
Energy Live News   (1/3)NOLA   (0/3)VOX - Science   (138/205*)
Energy News   (0/10)Observer   (0/17)VOX -Environment   (9/183*)
Ensia   (0/1)Ocean2Climate   (0/17)Wall Street Journal   (27/271)
Eric Holthaus (The Correspondent)   (1/13*)Ocean2Climate - AMOC   (0/3*)Washington Examiner   (0/39)
Esquire   (0/8)Ocean2Climate - Arctic/Antarctic   (0/5*)Washington Post   (53/1104)
Euractiv (EU)   (0/59)Ocean2Climate - Climate Weather   (0/2*)Washington Post - Climate and Environment   (34/659*)
EW (Entertainment)   (0/0*)Ocean2Climate - Global Warming   (0/0*)Washington Post - Energy 202   (17/24*)
EW (Entertainment)   (0/7)Ocean2Climate - Ocean Acidification   (0/2*)WBUR   (0/31)
Express   (6/12)Ocean2Climate -El Nino (ENSO)   (0/5*)Weather   (1/12*)
Fast Company   (0/29)Oregon Live   (0/10)Wiley Online Library   (0/19)
Financial Times   (0/191)Pacific Standard Magazine   (0/7)Wiley Online Library - Earth Sciences   (0/0*)
Fivethirtyeight   (0/7)Patch   (0/3)Wired   (0/26)
Forbes   (2/80)PBS   (0/18*)World Bank - Development and a Changing Climate   (0/0*)
Foreign Policy   (0/14)Philly   (0/2)WV Gazette Mail   (0/8)
Foresightdk   (1/24)PHYS.ORG   (923/7883)Xinhuanet   (0/1)
Fortune   (0/10)PHYS.ORG - Biology   (286/1857*)Yahoo   (1/10)
Fox News   (0/20)PHYS.ORG - Earth   (395/2347*)Yale Climate Connections   (35/461)
France24   (0/11)PHYS.ORG - Technology   (240/1429*)Yale Climate Connections - Agriculture   (4/22*)
Frontiersin   (0/14)PLOS   (0/2)Yale Climate Connections - Arts   (5/26*)
GE   (0/15)Politi   (0/39)Yale Climate Connections - Communicating   (3/13*)
Gizmodo   (0/24)Politico   (0/16*)Yale Climate Connections - Economic   (0/23*)
GO   (0/27)Politico (EU)   (2/40)Yale Climate Connections - Ecosystems   (5/17*)
Green Tech Media   (107/178*)Politico Pro   (0/0)Yale Climate Connections - Education   (0/12*)
Greenbiz   (92/146*)Popular Science   (0/3)Yale Climate Connections - Energy   (4/29*)
Greenpeace   (0/15*)Press Herald   (0/13)Yale Climate Connections - Faith   (0/7*)
Grist   (48/151)PRI   (0/6)Yale Climate Connections - Health   (4/19*)
Grist Climate and Energy   (48/61*)Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences   (2/29*)Yale Climate Connections - Oceans   (0/16*)
Guardian   (56/2593)Project Earth   (0/0)Yale Climate Connections - Polar   (1/12*)
Guardian - Climate Change   (35/705*)Propublica   (0/10)Yale Climate Connections - Policy   (3/22*)
Guardian - Energy   (11/295*)PV Tech   (0/0)Yale Climate Connections - Science   (3/15*)
HCN   (0/17)Quartz   (0/80)Yale Climate Connections - Security   (0/7*)
Heated World   (8/18*)Real Climate   (3/59*)Yale Climate Connections - Transportation   (0/13*)
Herald Scotland   (0/11)Responding To Climate Change   (0/0)Yale Climate Connections - Weather   (2/16*)
Houston Chronicle   (1/35)Reuters   (8/1018)Yale Climate Connections - Youth   (0/9*)
Huffington Post   (112/1278*)Revue   (0/33)Yale University   (0/38)
IB Times   (0/0)Rmets   (0/13)Youtube   (0/2*)
Independent (UK)   (6/189)Roanoke   (0/3)