Topics which can be included in 'Topics Sets'

The "Topics" are currenty just a subset of "key words" and all searching is simply done based on the key word values. In the future, selection criteria will be designed to flag arcitles related to a specific topic. For example, "Extreme Events" might include articles which mention actual hurricanes, droughts, forest fires, etc., thus making it much easier for user to both search the database to receive emails related to a specific interest.

100% RenewableClimate DisruptionGlobal WarmingRadiative Forcing
AcidificationClimate SensitivityGreenlandSea ice
AlbedoClimate SolutionsGreta ThunbergSea Level Rise
AntarcticDeforestationhotter futureSnow Cover
ArcticExtreme WeatherMethaneTemperature
Carbon sequestrationFeedbackPaleoclimateTipping point
carbon taxGeoengineeringPermafrost